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The Youth Against Homosexuality( YAH) is a group that seeks to uphold good traditional Ghanaian values . 

YAH has been paying close attention to the discussion in the print and broadcast media regarding the increasing pressure on the Government to legalise homosexuality and protect homosexuals in Ghana with some individuals and International organisations condemning the Ghana Police for closing down the LGBTQI office in Accra.

Inasmuch as we serve every foreigner who walks through our doors with genuine hospitality, we will not allow any foreigner to take our goodwill for granted.

 Instead of the International organisations coming out with practical social intervention programs to help deal with the numerous issues affecting Ghanaians – including unemployment and environmental destruction, reports are flying virtually every day in the media, pressurising Government to protect homosexuals.

According to the Clinical Infectious Diseases volume 53, diseases like HIV, syphilis, viral hepatitis, anal human papillomavirus disease , lymphogranuloma proctitis etc are prevalent in the gay Community. 

We can't waste our scarce resources and overburden our health insurance scheme with anus stitching and anal cytologic screening.

We strongly stand by the criminal code 1960, Act 29, which criminalizes “unnatural carnal knowledge”.

We the youth are the future of this country and we will resist any negative influence from the East, South, West and North.

Long live Ghana

Long live YAH



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