Young Professional ladies congratulate NPP for fulfilling their Manifesto promises

THE Young Professional ladies of the ruling New Patriotic Party has commended the Party for keeping their promises made in the manifesto concerning the financial and other sectors.

A statement from the group said, “in just four years in office, the party have fulfilled more promises than what the NDC couldn't do in eight years; FREE SHS education to help both the rich and the poor and NABCO to reduce graduate unemployment”.

The statement added that, “it is unprecedented for the Party to recruit health personnel, who have been home for years within their first year in office, restoration of the Teacher and Nurse trainees allowances and increase in number of ambulances; drones for supplying medicines to save lives.

Below is the Full statement

THE YOUNG PROFESSIONAL LADIES OF NPP WISH TO SAY AYEKOO* We say ayekoo for keeping your promises *made in the manifesto concerning* the financial and other sectors.

In just four years, *you have led the* the NPP *to do* what the NDC, couldn't do in eight years. You introduced FREE SHS education to help both the rich and the poor. As if that wasn't enough you *commissioned* NABCO, to make *graduate unemployment* a thing of the past.

With your performance on our health we say God bless you. It *is* unprecedented how the NPP has posted health personnel, who stayed at home for years during the NDC era, within the first year in office and also restored the Teacher and Nurse trainees allowances. We have seen a massive increase in the number of ambulances; drones are supplying medicines to save lives, just to mention a few.

As if that's is not enough Mr. President, in your just ended manifesto launch, you and the NPP government have promised to eliminate import duties on Sanitary pads to improve health incomes, particularly for girls. This is laudable and we want to thank you for your love towards mother Ghana. Teachers also say Bravo, for the promised annual professional allowances, the free WIFI for research in our second cycle and tertiary institutions. No guarantor loan approvals and many more concerning our education.

Your promises on reviving and revamping the economy have all been fulfilled. Your number one priority, Mr President was to stimulate growth, development and investment build a *Ghana beyond aid* . You have taken giant strides in honouring this promise.

You and your able team have also leveraged the growing formalisation of the economy to deepen and widen our ability to mobilise domestic revenues by continuing the broaden tax base, simplifying the collection of taxes and improving collection regimes. Ayekoo.

We also acknowledge the fulfillment of your promises to: - support made in Ghana products, include the use of local raw materials. - continue to ensure stable and affordable power for industrial development. -Complete the establishment of an iron and steel industry through the Ghana integrated iron and steel cooperation (GIISDEC ) - Deepen and expand 1D1F in diversity and nation coverage - Support for farmers, increase supply of inputs. - Enhance involvement of extension officers to work with farmers and breeders Increase disease control - Improve ware housing and post harvest logistics and tighter linkage with industries through 1D1F. You have really honoured your , word. You are a man of integrity who deserves a second term. For all these and many more, Mr. President, we say Ayekoo. . God bless you. *4 MORE 4 NANA TO DO MORE*