With this VACCINES you have nothing to lose, only gains; Dr Oko Boye

Dr Oko Boye in a test message captured during Ekossi sen political talk show on Adanseɛ FM says, Management of a disease involves 3 things; Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation.

VACCINES are key in management of a disease, such as this pandemic. The VACCINES are supposed to protect you from becoming infected. This protection is the efficacy that is usually quoted with each vaccine type.

AstraZeneca 70%

Pfizer 95%

Sputnik 92%

But should you be part of the 30% that get COVID 19 despite taking the AstraZeneca VACCINES , there is a greater benefit of 85% to 90% protection against severe and critical illnesse from the COVID virus. So should one who is vaccinated become positive that person is likely to experience only mild disease form.

The third cover or protection you get from the vaccine is protection against death. The protection is almost 100%. That is 99 to 100 out of hundred people who have had the vaccine will be saved from COVID related deaths.

So the percentages vary based on what you are looking at but when it comes to protection from severe illness and death, almost all the vaccines do the same good job. Because the vaccine can help you avoid getting critical or severely ill people on the ward, a physician can interpret the recovery of a vaccinated person who has moderate disease as vaccine secured or facilitated cure . The vaccine isn't an antivirus but it helps you achieve the objective that an antiviral drug will achieve- which recovery and consequently avoidance of death

With this VACCINES you have nothing to lose , only gains