We have learnt nothing as a political party from the ‘Domeabra’ debacle – Mr. Kwaku Nti-Obeng

Mr. Kwaku Nti-Obeng, a staunch member of the New Patriotic Party has opined that he is disappointed in NPP in Asante Akyem North Constituency for learning nothing from a political violence that occurred in ‘Asante Akyem Dome’ four years ago during an election of constituency executives.

He made this known when speaking with Prof. Sam on ADANSE3 98.9 FM’S weekend socio-political show “NÒKWARE MMRE”.

Mr. Nti-Obeng showed his displeasure towards how the current crop of leaders have hijacked the party which has resulted in an absolute division of the party in the Constituency. He was of the view that the party should have moved away from violence as that is not the hallmark of the people in Asante Akyem North but rather, violence has even moved from bad to worse.

Mr. Nti-Obeng was emphatic that the violent happenings in the party in Asante Akyem North must be placed at the door step of the current leadership as they do not have the ability and the will to merge cracks when they occur.