Ursula Owusu Advocates for Women to participate in ICT

As the guest of honour at the 75th anniversary lecture of the St. Monica’s Senior High School, I reckoned I am not only a human rights advocate but a technology advocate, especially for women, because ICTs are gender neutral and have the potential to empower our women and girls by providing them with the most critical and sought-after skills in the world today. This could guarantee economic freedom for women and put them in a better position to assert their rights.

During the pandemic and the lockdown, many organisations were compelled to devise a mechanism of splitting their workforce with some working from home to facilitate social distancing and worked via digital platforms.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that if we have a robust connectivity, women in particular can combine their caregiving roles and careers effectively, working from home via digital platforms could ensure that either the family or career wont suffer. Women should embrace acquisition of digital skills because of the freedom it gives us.

Digital adoption and use can offer women and girls opportunities to overcome hurdles they may face in the physical world.

I also believe that if we better appreciate the role of technology and the opportunities therein and find a better way to communicate it to our young girls, we stand a better chance of churning out more and more technology focused young women. Female role models in the field of ICT can also play effective roles in influencing females in venturing into the world of ICT. This has been our underlying principle and finds expression in our girl focused initiatives.

culled from Hon Ursula Owusu-Ekuful facebook wall