Tokyo 2020 - Premature Post Mortem of Team Ghana

There should be no problem with criticism of athletes, coaches and officials; especially constructive not destructive criticism.

We must also tolerate and respect divergent views especially from those with informed perspectives.

Having stated this however, I totally agree with the view that individuals, organizations and Federations should not hesitate to react to malacious propaganda, misleading or fabricated reportage from any quarter or media... Sometimes it's just a old trick to water down good news.

And in the case of *#TeamGhana* at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, our timing should be spot on....not now. NO!

There is a reason why we have post mortem after...and never before death.

If anybody should attempt to steal the limelight and glory from Ghanaian athletes, it certainly should not be Ghanaians.

As the global media focuses on the story of a 20 year old who has ended a near three decades drought without a medal, some of his own kindred are preparing to steal the story and replace it with a non existent scandal.

My humble counsel would be to wait until AFTER Takyi's medal presentation please.

The headlines at the Olympics should belong to the Athletes first, before any other consideration A medal for Ghana after 29 years awakens the dream of a new dawn

I have chosen mine. Choose yours.

Pls share if you want to celebrate one "small" step forward for Ghana sports...we have all the time we wish to devote to bashing AFTER the kid gets his moment in history. Let's not deprive him of that.