Stephen Ntim urges Ghanaians to Accept the Covid-19 Vaccinations

Mr Stephen Ayesu Ntim, the former national 1st Vice Chairman of the Ruling New Patriotic Party and the Board Chair for Lands Commission, is pleading to all Ghanaians to accept and partake in the Covid-19 vaccination exercise which will be carried nationwide by Government of Ghana in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other designated bodies.

Mr Ayesu Ntim made this communique through his official facebook account and made it emphatic to all Ghanaians that he, Mr Ntim is ready for the Covid-19 vaccine anytime any day he is to take the injection, so everyone must get involved.

Over Six hundred thousand (600,000) vaccines arrived in Ghana on Wednesday, 24th February, 2021 morning at 7 O'Clock am and all necessary arrangement was done to welcome the entourage by the health minister designate.

Also, in the 24th presidential address to the nation, H. E. President Akufo-Addo assured Ghanaians that, the vaccine safe very safe for consumption and it has been certified and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA). The president added that, the vaccines would not alter the DNA neither would it cause infertility in Women or sexual or erectile dysfunction in men.

Mr Stephen Ayesu Ntim on his Facebook page said, "I Am Ready For My Covid-19 Vaccine Injection. Everyone must get involve. Together, we can end this Pandemic and bring life back to normalcy"

#Covid-19 Is Real

#Mask Up Ghana

#We Need You All Alive

#Stay Safe"