Security is a topmost priority - Fmr Pres Kuffour speaks on Family and friends gov't

“My younger brother Dr Addo Kufuor was already a Member of Parliament who’s very bright, very competent in many ways but a Physician specialist, but politically he was in Parliament before I became President […] I know him, I know his competence and how serious he is, so when I got the chance, to ensure that security which is a topmost priority for me be fixed so that I have peace of mind... I looked around and my brother was there, I told him to take the position and it worked very well for me,” he

Speaking to Kwaku Sakyi-Addo on Asaase Radio on Sunday, the former president stated that his brother-in-law who was his Senior Minister in his government had been in Kwame Nkrumah’s government and had worked in the United Nations so bringing him on board showed that he was highly qualified.

“In my case, I had a brother-in-law, the late Joseph Henry Mensah, who would help. From Kwame Nkrumah’s time, he [JH Mensah] laid Nkrumah's seven-year development plan, a very accomplished economist, had worked with the United Nations, a real master of economic management, I married his sister, you think I would be the biggest fool, not to count myself lucky having this guy and say please stay in this thing and let’s think out solutions,” he narrated.