• AmonuAnantahene

Scrap off Council of State from the Governance Structure - Kwabena Frimpong

Kwabena Frimpong, a Youth Activist and the Secretary of Kumasi Youth Association, has recommended for the scrapping off, the Council of State from the Ghanaian governance system. He outlined the mode of selection to the council, failure to effectively operate as expected and their financial burden on the consolidated fund as the reasons for his assertion.

Speaking to an Obuasi based TV station, Pemsan TV's morning show, hosted by Kwabena Owusu Victor, Mr. Frimpong said that the revered office, Council of State, should be scrapped off from the governance structure because it has outlived its usefulness.

Citing the mode of selecting or electing the members of the Council of State as his reason, Kwabena Frimpong said, "the procedure for electing/ selecting members to the council of state has become political and lacks the independence it's supposes to have."

He continued that, the partisanship nature of the mode of selecting/electing the Council's members has taken away the independent nature of the members, therefore, members of the council are not able to advice the president on issues that are not of the nation's interest. This is because for someone to qualify to be a candidate, he or she has to be in the good books of the ruling government. Hence, in selection wise, the process compromise the independence of members.

Mr. Frimpong opined that, the government spends too much of the country's scanty resources on a group of persons that contribute nothing to the growth of the country and to him the business of government would run smoothly without the Council of State.

Even though the Council of State is enshrined in the 1992 constitution of Ghana, the office has not been useful in recent times and to him, the Council of State had demonstrated beyond reasoning doubt that they are dispensable.