Rawlings didn’t stage June 4 coup d’état - Ex-bodyguard

An ex-bodyguard of late former President Jerry John Rawlings, Sergeant Mugu Frimpong, has revealed his Master didn’t stage any coup d’tat in June 4th, 1979.

He disclosed this on Adanse3 FM’s Nokware Mmer3, Saturday with Prof Sam while recounting his work experience with Mr Rawlings.

He said the late Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings staged his first military coup as a young revolutionary on 15 May 1979. When it failed, he was imprisoned in a guardroom

He said Rawlings was in prison during the June 4th Uprising.

‘I am surprised people still believe John Rawlings who was imprisoned at that time staged the June 4 Revolution, we have to Separate the facts from fiction of this issue’, he bemoaned.

On June 4, 1979, members of the military, drawn mostly from the junior ranks and inspired by mass social and public discontent, took over the governance of the country after it had sunk into a state of social, economic and political decay.

The following three months led to a ‘housecleaning’ exercise after which elections were held and the mantle of political leadership handed over to the government of the People’s National Party, ushering in the Third Republic.