President Akufo-Addo Charges the Police Service to bring Justice for the alleged Witch at Salaga

President Akufo-Addo made a remarkable statement at Yapei, Savannah Region this morning on the issue of the alleged witch who was beaten to death.

”I will make an appropriate contribution to the Akua Denteh Foundation to express my own revulsion at the awful, tragic act that has occurred in this Region. It is vital, as the Regional Minister said, that it should not happen again, and we should all work together to ensure that never again do such acts disfigure the face of our nation. I hope that the quick response of the Police will lead to the rapid administration of justice in this unfortunate matter."

it would be recalled that last week a woman who’s in her 90’s was beaten to death at Kafaba a suburb in Salaga for claims that she’s a witch. The police at Salaga are on the heels of one Tanko who’s supposed to be the suspect and masterminded this inhuman act