Personal Attitude, Interferences is the cause of filth in Agogo – Mr. Benjamin Bronya

The District Director of the Environmental and Sanitation Department in Asante Akyem North District, Mr. Benjamin Bronya, has stated that the filth engulfed in the district especially its capital town, Agogo is hugely blamed on the personal attitude of the indigenes and the interference of leaders being it political, religious and traditional.

Mr Bronya stated that the people of Agogo Asante Akyem are not willing to change their attitude towards advancing proper sanitation and waste management in the town. They throw rubbish indiscriminately around without thinking of the consequences.

The District Director said this in an interview with Prof. Sam, the Saturday political show, Nokware Mmerɛ, host on ADANSE3 98.9 FM.

Mr. Bronya pointed out clearly that some indigenes of Agogo deliberately litter the environment because they have the notion that there is Zoomlion mandated for keeping the environment tidy. Some people always carry their home made waste to the roadside thinking the Zoomlion workers would pick it up. Some always throw their refuse in gutters thinking the rains would wash the rubbish away. All these practices do mot promote effective sanitation or waste management.

He stated that if these persons were arrested some political heads, religious leaders and traditional rulers would come to their defence.

He passionately indicated that if this phenomenon would not changed, the battle against eradicating filth in Asante Akyem Agogo can’t be won.


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