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Our Lawyers are preparing for court - Team ISAAC DOGBE

The Public Relations Officer and Operations Director for Isaac Dogbe, Ernest Twumasi confirmed to Adanseɛ Sports this afternoon that the legal team for the former WBA title holder has met on the case and very soon legal actions would be taken against some workers at the Ministry of Sports.

Isaac Dogbe on Saturday 27th February, 2021 posted on his official Twitter handle that, he would jail some workers at the Sports Ministry soon.

His statement reads, “I’m going to make sure some individuals at the Ministry of Sports Go to Jail. Mark It On The Wall!!!”.

Though he did not state the reason for his intention but according Mr Twumasi, the PRO, he has contacted his lawyers to take action against those individuals at the Sports Ministry.

Adanseɛ 98.9 FM is following the case and promises it's cherished followers/listeners that they would be updated anytime a gist of the matter drops.