NADMO Laws Needs Amendments - Ashanti Regional NADMO Director, Kwabena Nsenkyire

In an interview on Adanseɛ FM morning show dubbed "Abrabo Mu Nsɛm" on Tuesday morning, the Ashanti Regional NADMO Director, Mr Kwabena Nsenkyire said that part of the constitutional Act (Act 517) of 1996 which established the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has become obsolete, hence, needs an amendment. He continued that 3% of the district assembly common fund that is allocated to NADMO to take care of emergency does not rest in the coffers of the district, municipal or the metropolitan NADMO offices but rather sent to their Headquarters in Accra before an officer can write a requisition for it when there is an emergency or disaster in the locality.

According to Mr Nsenkyire, this practice has become a hindrance for the NADMO officers to perform effectively and efficiently. This is because the resources needed to respond to emergency cases and manage disasters have to pass through rigrouse bureaucratic processes before funds are approved.

The Ashanti Regional NADMO Director opined that this practice breeds corruption and render the district, municipal and metropolitan NADMO officers powerless to take critical decisions.

In answering questions Mr Nsenkyire emphatically told Nana Amoako Gyampah, the host that, the 3% common fund allocated to the district, municipal and metropolitan NADMO offices should not be sent to the NADMO national headquarters. Mr Nsenkyire, therefore, appeals to the Local Government Minister and the Common Fund Administrator to make amendments to the rules and regulations so that the 3% of the common fund to the local NADMO offices will remain with the district, municipal and metropolitan officers for the betterment of their services to the public.