Mr and Mrs Bempong, Evans Owusu donate 20-seater toilet facility to Collins SHS in Agogo

On 21st August, 2020, Adanseɛ 98.9 FM published a report on its Facebook wall with the title "Agogo Collins SHS Students in Danger over Death Trap Toilet".

This caption was necessitated, looking at the then situation of the dilapidated toilet facility the students were using and the danger awaited them if the needed attention was not given.

Based on the Adanseɛ 98.9 FM's Facebook reportage, three natives of Agogo who live abroad consulted the school’s authorities, and out of benevolence pulled resources together and constructed an ultramodern 20-unit toilet facility for the school.

The new toilet facility costs approximately Ninety Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH₵ 90,000) and because of the urgency of the situation, the contractor used two and half months to complete it.

The Ghanaian United State of America based doctor and wife; Dr. Daniel K. Bempong and Mrs. Janet A. Bempong together with a United Kingdom based man of God; Evangelist Evans Owusu were the philanthropists who constructed and donated the ultramodern 20-seater toilet facility for the usage and convenience of the students of Collins SHS.

The three philanthropists aim at positively impacting the future of the students -- it is their belief that unhygienic toilet facilities could lead to disease outbreaks. Such sickness lead to missed classes which in turn would negatively impact the students' academic performance. Ultimately, this will directly or indirectly affect the future of the students.

Also, this toilet issue became a great concern to the donors because unhygienic nature of toilet facility could facilitate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the school.

To add to the above, Dr. and Mrs. Bempong and Evangelist Owusu wanted to use this gesture to raise awareness of the issue of inadequate toilet facilities in our Senior High Schools, particularly those located in smaller towns. Therefore, they are urging individuals, private and public institutions and corporate bodies who have the capacity to do help to come to the aid of these schools.

The headmaster of the beneficiary School, Mr. Edward Labi-Kumi in his address at the function gave a brief background on how the story of the dilapidated toilet facility of the girls dormitory emerged

Mr. Labi-Kumi said, "Today is the day that the Lord has made. Somewhere in July last year the old student of 1983 year group bought us some PPEs, then a journalist went around and picked up a few pictures and videos of places in the school and then captured the horrible and terrible state of the toilet facility at the girls dormitory. The video went viral and it was very sad and shameful to the school and the authorities but sometimes the bad turns good and out of that shame gave birth to this modern edifice."

The headmaster acknowledged and thanked the benefactors; Dr. & Mrs. Bempong and Evangelist Evans Owusu on their unwavering commitment at helping for the construction of the toilet facility to create a conducive living environment for students.

He urged all stakeholders; the Agogo Traditional Council, the District Assembly and Old student Association of Collin Senior High School to come to their aid because the school still have some other challenges in terms of infrastructure.

The Queen Mother for Agogo Traditional Area, Nana Serwaa Afrakoma Kusi Oboadum, expressed her profound gratitude to Dr. & Mrs Bempong and Evangelist Owusu for their unflinching support given to the school. The Queen mother ended her speech by urging the people of Agogo to adhere to the covid-19 safety protocol.

Some of the students also expressed their sincere gratitude to the donors for the successful completion of the toilet facility for the school.

At the ceremony, a number of speeches were made by several people including the Kontihene of Agogo Traditional Area, Nana Kwame Nti, the District Chief Executive, Hon. Francis Oti Boateng and the District Director of Education, Mrs. Mildred Ama Kwakye Agyapong and in all their speeches, the names on the benefactors never dried out.