GAME X DUNK expands youth-led street sports activities in Ghana

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

The Danish Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) “GAME” and Ghanaian based NGO DUNK-GRASSROOTS after launching the GAME’s Playmaker Program in Ghana have committed to expanding the project for more children and youth with a high focus on girls.

This is to empower them through education, life skills, and street sports.

GAME (a Danish NGO) and Ghanaian based NGO DUNK-GRASSROOTS launched the Ghana Goals project in 2018 to empower 50 youth called Playmakers to become agents of change in their communities through street sports and education.

At the end of the project after 18 months of operation, the project had empowered 61 youth who runs street sports practices in four established GAME Zones for children in Jamestown and Nima reaching over 8,639 beneficiaries with 2,638 being girls.

With the successes demonstrated, both like-minded NGOs have committed to expanding the project to reach even more youth and children with a high focus of girls through street sports, culture, and life skills in Accra and newly in Tamale with YELF-GHANA as a collaborative partner.

The second phase of the project dubbed Ghana GIRLS Goals (G3) aims to empower young Ghanaians especially girls and increasing their civil society participation through education, street sports, and life skill.

“The ramping upsets us perfectly to fulfill the obvious need to prioritize girls in the development climate. We are also thankful for the collaborative partnership with YELF-GHANA who will oversee activities in the northern region, Tamale,” says Mo Tahir, Programs Manager in DUNK, and project lead in Ghana.

The G3 project is structured to reach 85 youth (Playmakers) and 850 participants with 60% of girls’ participation over a period of 12 months.

GAME and DUNK’s activities in Ghana have been on hold due to COVID-19. Therefore it is still to be announced when the first practices and Playmaker Camps will take place in Tamale. The activities in Accra reopened on the 25th of June. Both NGOs are looking forward to opening up in Tamale and continue the partnership.

“This is the essence of the intent of North-South partnership: To strengthen both organizations and their target groups. GAME is not only learning from DUNK, but it is also inspired in its maverick ambition,” says Matthew Gray, International Partnerships Manager in GAME.

This project is proudly supported by CISU – Civil Society in Development..