LGBT+ Saga: ‘I have never seen a Billy or bull running after their kind for sex’ - Haruna Iddrisu

Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu has described the sexual preferences of the LGBT+ community as “dehumanising”, saying he has never seen a Billy or bull running after their kind in a sexual way.

“I haven’t seen a male goat or a male cow running after a male goat or male cow”, the Tamale South MP said on Thursday, 25 February 2021 during the vetting of the Minister-designate of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr Ibrahim Awal Mohammed, by the Appointments Committee.

While asking the nominee to clearly state his position on the raging LGBT+ debate in Ghana, following the recent opening of a community space in Ashongman for people who subscribe to such sexual orientation, Mr Iddrisu said: “There’s a significant development in our culture today about lesbianism and gays and you are a true Muslim; I want to know where you stand because where I stand is that I find it immoral and dehumanising and not in the context of any Ghanaian culture for a man to be relating to a man; and a woman to be relating to a woman”.

“I know where Prof Mike Oquaye stands strongly. He’s anti-lesbianism and gay. As a leader of this house, he stated that publicly; and as a reverend”, the Minority leader added.

The nominee responded: “I think Ghana’s religious practices frown on lesbianism; our cultural values do not accept it. Mr Chairman, we’ll enforce our cultural values and respect our cultural practices”.