“I was trying to draw attention how judges deliberately lie in court”- Kennedy Agyapong begs Judges

Kennedy Agyapong, the law maker of Assign central last week revealed on his TV station that most Judges in Ghana are under the sleeves of Anas Aremeyaw Anas to execute his plan of disgracing people.

Due to that he is also planning to expose such judges.

After some time of this assertion, the law maker has thought of it to render an apology to all judges for his utterance.

However, these judges have taken legal action against him.

In a way of apologising, Kennedy sated that, his aim wasn't to attack a particular judge but was addressing general issue. However if his approach was wrong, he apologize.

He further stated that since the Judge, the court and the Chief Justice are all part of the judiciary arm, he include these people in the apology.

"I sincerely apologize to the Judges" he stated

After the apology, he reinstate that, he was trying to draw attention to how some judges deliberately go to the court to lie.

There have been many land issues involving Kennedy that the judges didn't rule in his favour.

One is a land he has owned for almost eighteen years and anotheɖ is a road development by the government that has entered into a majority part a land he owns.

Some Ghanaians then associate his action to this reasons.

Nevertheless, he has apologize to them all but still stand on his feet with his submission.