Hwidiem Residents appeal for a toilet facility

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Residents of Hwidiem, a farming community in the Asante Akyem North District, have appealed to government to provide them with toilet facilities, to avert cholera outbreak in the area.

Adanse3 FM’s Reporter, Abuburo Nkosua in an interview with the Assemblyman of hwidiem, Hon.Eric Boateng, said the only public toilet in the community which serves about 5,000 people have been left to rot without any maintenance, a situation which had resulted in open defecation by some of the residents.

It noted with regret that because of the situation, many residents in the area also defecate around the banks of the streams and River the major source of drinking water in the area and parts of the community.

He indicated that if immediate steps were not taken to address the problem, it would lead to an outbreak of cholera.

Adanse3 FM with further interrogations noted that, a Non-governmental Organisation, Ghana First Company Limited [GhFCL], a waste Management firm owned by one Frank Akulley, an NPP stalwart, negotiated with the leaders to construct an automated modern toilet facility project.

The Contractor for the project was made to believe that funds were available, and therefore he just had to raise the structure.

At this level of completion, the employer together with the Bank after collaborative visit would release 60% of the contract sum to the contractor to complete the project.

The new toilet facility which was expected to be completed within three months have not seen the light of day due to non-payment of the contractor leaving the community for several months and forcing many residents to engage in open defecation .

The Assembly member expressed concerns about the toilet facility in the town, and appealed to Non-governmental Organisations, philanthropists, the Asante Akyem North District Assembly and corporate bodies to come to the aid of the community.