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*Hon. Hawa Koomson is more than qualified to handle any ministry - HON. YAW KWAKYE

Hon. Robert Yaw Kwakye has debunked the accession from a section of Ghanaians especially, NDC members who are of the view that Hon. Hawa Koomson is not cut to handle the ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Speaking to Prof Sam on Adanse3 fm’s Saturday morning show, he argued that Hon. Hawa Koomson has performed above expectations as an MP and a Minister of State. He stated categorically that it was her era as a Minister of state that we saw initiatives such as "One District One Factory, One Village One Dam" etc sprouting up across the country.

Hon. Yaw Kwakye was of the view that though her vetting was smeared with some controversies instigated by the command over the English language and uncertainty of the subject matter, these elements cannot be the hindrance of her becoming the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture as the Minister is only an enforcer of policies and does not need the English language to become a successful Minister.


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