Here is a list of Insurance companies in good standing in Ghana

The National Insurance Commission (NIC) has advised the insuring public to verify the authenticity of any insurance entity before conducting business with them.

The caution comes after the Commission in collaboration with the police arrested two officials of an unlicensed insurance brokerage firm operating under the name Family Fountain Insurance Brokers.

A statement issued by the NIC said the company had been operating as an intermediary, with the connivance of an underwriting company.

The suspects, according to the statement, were operating from the premises of the Aayalolo Transport Terminal in Accra Central and served as an intermediary between the unsuspecting insuring public and a known licensed underwriting insurance company.

The Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, Mr Michael Kofi Andoh said the public could verify the authenticity of any insurance entity in good standing by visiting the NIC website.

See the list of the insurance and reinsurance companies at published on the NIC website below;

Life Companies

Allianz Life Insurance Ghana Limited

Beige Assure Company

Donewell Life Company

Enterprise Life Assurance Company

Esich Life Assurance Company Ltd.

Exceed Life Assurance Company Limited

First Insurance Company Limited

Ghana Life Insurance Company

Ghana Union Assurance Life Company

Glico Life Insurance Company

GN Life Assurance Limited

Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited

Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Limited

MiLife Company Company Limited

Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Ghana

Phoenix Life Assurance Company

Prudential Life Insurance Ghana

Quality Life Assurance Company

Saham Life Insurance Ghana Limited

SIC Life Company Limited

Starlife Assurance Company Limited

Vanguard Life Assurance Company Limited


Non-Life Companies

Activa International Insurance Company-Ghana Limited

Allianz Insurance Company Gh. Ltd

Bedrock Insurance Company Limited

Best Assurance Company Limited

Donewell Insurance Company Limited

Enterprise Insurance Company Limited

Ghana Union Assurance Limited

Glico General Insurance Company Limited

Heritage Energy Insurance Company Limited

Hollard Insurance Ghana Limited

Imperial General Assurance Company Ltd.

Loyalty Insurance Company Limited

Millennium Insurance Company Limited

Multi Insurance Company Ltd.

NSIA Insurance Company Limited

Phoenix Insurance Company Limited

Prime Insurance Company Limited

Priority Insurance Company Limited

Provident Insurance Company Limited

Quality Insurance Company Limited

Regency Nem Insurance Ghana Limited

Saham Insurance Ghana Limited

Serene Insurance Company

SIC Insurance Company Limited

Star Assurance Company Limited

Sunu Assurances Ghana Limited

Unique Insurance Company Limited

Vanguard Assurance Company Limited

Wapic Insurance (Ghana) Limited


Ghana Reinsurance Company

GN Reinsurance Company Limited

Mainstream Reinsurance

Reinsurance Contact Offices

WAICA Re Corporation Plc