Funding Kotoko by board members is an old football administration procedure- Yamoah Ponkoh

Former Management member of Asante Kotoko, Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh has stated that the days of funding Asante Kotoko by rich individual board members is an old administrative approach that needs to be abolished.

In an interview with Adanseɛ sports, the former management member retraited that, the board members are to formulate policies for the club while the management are to raise to fund the daily activities of the club.

"Those days when rich individual board members contributed monies to buy players and fund our other expenditure should be a thing of the past. The board are suppose to formulate plans and create avenue for money making while the management explore such avenues to make the club rich and self sufficient".

"If the individuals continue to pay money into the club without the management bringing anything on board,then what will be the real work of the management" he quized.

Many football fans get elated when rich people are appointed on to boards of clubs. Something the experience football administrator is urging the fans to desist from to create a peaceful environment for club administrators and players.

"When rich individuals get the mindset of fueling the smooth movement club through their pocket,they turn to assume unnecessary power, causing trouble for those in charge of day to day administration of the club" he added.