EC to provide facemasks to voters in rural communities

The Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) says it will provide facemasks to voters in rural communities who come to the polling stations on Election Day without one.

Chair of the Commission said the move is to make sure that no one is disenfranchised.

This comes a few days after the National Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) castigated the Commission on its ‘No facemask, No Vote’ mantra.

“It is practically impossible to implement,” Samuel Ofosu Ampofo criticised, “otherwise the Electoral Commission has the duty to purchase the nose masks.

“That is what the Electoral Commission needs to do.”

Addressing journalists on the eve of the polls, Jean Adukwei Mensa said that concern has been addressed but not in urban areas.

“In response to concerns related to disenfranchising citizens who visit polling stations without masks, the Commission will provide masks in polling stations in rural communities to ensure the very rare voters who visit our polling stations without masks to be provided masks to enable them to vote and exercise their franchise.

“This facility is restricted to polling stations in very rural communities only.”

Mrs Mensa also reiterated the readiness of the Commission to conduct the elections, charging all registered voters to visit their polling