Covid-19 infected bodies mixed with other dead bodies – Mortuary Workers Association

The Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana (MOWAG) has shockingly revealed that Covid-19 infected bodies are not isolated from other dead bodies in the various morgues across the country.

General Secretary of MOWAG, Richard Kofi Jordan noted that all dead bodies are packed into a single cold room with no separation made between persons who died from Covid-19 and those that did not.

In his view, the situation is very dire as dead bodies that did not die from covid-19 can contract the virus.

“We don’t have anything called isolated bodies. It is just one room, whether a person died of covid or any other means, they are all kept in one room. Don’t forget when a person dies, there is some form of fluid that comes from the body and may enter another body because they are all packed together. This is very dangerous because when the bodies are brought to the morgue, we are not told what killed them but they are all packed and laid on each other,” he said.

He, therefore, warned people whose relatives are brought to the morgue to be extra vigilant when preparing their dead bodies for burial.

“If you are a family member and your relative’s body is at the morgue. If you are ready to prepare that body for burial, please treat that body as having contracted the virus and be careful because you might not know what the body has contracted,” he emphasised.

Attesting to the number of people who die daily from COVID-19, he said they (mortuary workers) receive lots of dead bodies.

He also asserted that the number of people who have died from the virus appears to be more than the figures presented to Ghanaians by the Ghana Health Service.

“We the mortuary attendants work closely with the doctors and we know the number of people who are brought into the morgue as a result of COVID-19, so we want to tell the public that Covid-19 is real and so many people are dying from it contrary to what we have been told,” he noted.