Contempt: Supreme Court to determine Ayine’s fate today

The fate of former Deputy Attorney General Dr

, who is a subject of contempt of court, would be determined later this morning by the Supreme Court.

Dr Ayine was on last Monday, February 22 hauled before the apex court for scandalizing in a post-election petition court hearing address to the media on February 17.

The court while deciding against slapping him with punitive sanctions, ordered the contemnor to purge himself by apologizing and retracting his comments through the same medium by today.

The court panel chaired by Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah will therefore decide if the order has been properly carried out to warrant a struck out of the charge.

Dr Ayine has since his discharged on Monday, apologized to the bench, the entire judicial service through the same medium he made those scandalous comments.

Meanwhile, Lawyers of the Electoral Commission, the 1st Respondent in the ongoing election petiton before the Supreme Court has described the “error” made by the Chairperson of the EC Jean Adukwei Mensa in her declaration on December 9, 2020, as an “innocuous error.”

In a 66-paged closing address to the apex Court the EC said the “innocuous error” has no bearing on the results that should trigger a petition of that nature.

The EC said the Petition before the court is “strange” and the case must be put to rest.

The commission, therefore, prayed the Court to dismiss the Petition before it.

The Petitioner and the 2nd Respondent have all filed the closing addresses.

Judgement has been fixed for March 4, 2021.