Breaking News: Pacific Heroes walk off the pitch in Division One League game against Nzema Kotoko.

Division One League match between Nzema Kotoko and Pacific Heroes FC at the Azuleloanu SDA park was temporarily halted as Pacific Heroes players walked off the pitch in protest after an alleged penalty against them.

The incident occurred just before the half- hour mark after Nzema Kotoko’s Akese Akese was brought down in the penalty box.

The players of Pacific Heores were visibly angry after the infringement. After speaking to the referee further to explain their reasons, one of the players including a technical staff walked off the picture with a gesture of not playing again with the game poised at 1-1.

The entire team walked off the pitch not to play the remaining minutes of the game.

The centre referee after consultations with match commissioner blown his whistle to end the game after the 45 minutes.