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Bomfa, Achiase residents commend Owusu-Akyaw for police station

Residents of Bomfa and Achiase townships in the Juaben Constituency in the Ashanti Region have commended Francis Owusu-Akyaw, a mining expert, for the construction  of police station to serve the two towns and its environs.

Speaking to Adanseɛ FM News, the spokesperson of the group of residents, Francis Tuffuor, said "The communities were grateful for kind gesture."

He continued "Before the construction of this police station thieves and armed robbers were terrorising and causing fear and panic persons who travelled along that stretch of the road."

Mr. Tuffour affirmed that many people had been robbed of their belongings and others suffering from several degrees of injury due to the unlawful activities of these robbers.


Francis Tuffour said since the construction and furnishing of the police station, Mr. Francis Owusu-Akyaw, the communities have enjoyed adequate peace, security and safety. 

Mr Tuffour stated that the fears of travelling on the routes of Bonfa and Achiase is a thing of the past. People can now travel on the stretch at odd hours since road checks points and patrols have been commenced by the Police on the road.

Mr Tuffuor, who is also a polling station executive at Bomfa NPP also commended the Police for their swift approach in tackling challenges and robberies on the road.

"We are safe now and it is sole would bring to a halt the insecurity our people felt previously trekking on the Bonfa-Achiase route", the spokesperson noted.


Speaking to this reporter, Mr Francis Owusu-Akyaw said he was humbled by the show of appreciation by the residents of the two towns.

He noted that issues of security is priority to him.

This, he revealed pushed him to ensure the construction of the Police Station so as to spare the people the agonies of armed robbers and thieves.

Mr Owusu-Akyaw promised to use the influence he wields to continue to push for the total development of the entire Juaben constituency.

" My desire is to see Juaben develop to become a model community or constituency and i am committed to do my part to ensure that becomes a reality", Mr Akyaw posited.



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