Dr. Bawumia symbolizes a new era of political leadership that has made it effortless to build a formidable brand around him. He has become a household name and a candidate of the people. The Dr. Bawumia brand is NEW, DIFFERENT, and ATTRACTIVE. It transcends religion, ethnicity and ran deeper than the vagaries of our usual politicking. It signifies a generational transition that is taking place in this age.

He has progressed from strength to strength since his climb to political prominence. It is no little accomplishment that the President, in collaboration with the NPP, has chosen him as the party's running mate for four ((4) consecutive elections without a hitch. This is a testimonial of certain traits that he has displayed over the years.

Dr. Bawumia is popular not just for being a running mate in four separate elections and a Vice-President in his second term, but also for his tremendous personality attributes. He possesses a warm and humble persona that can compare to none.

He is greatly admired because of his AUTHENTICITY, VISION, and INTEGRITY, as well as his ability to build trusting relationships with his followers.


Dr. Bawumia is a rare breed of politician who communicates his inner values and lives his life in accordance with his true self rather than what is convenient for politics. He is the type of political leader who understands ordinary people's lives and expectations.

He is one of the most accessible politicians in our contemporary times. A man of the people makes time for the people. His fidelity to his followers is noteworthy. Dr. Bawumia's ingenuity has enabled him to assist regular people from all walks of life. He finds fulfilment in enhancing others' well-being and personal development.

In an era of a rising distrust for politicians, authenticity is a virtue needed to be demonstrated by the political leadership. As nature will have it, we can find an authentic leader in Dr. Bawumia.


Dr. Bawumia's work, "Monetary Policy and Financial Sector Reform in Africa: Ghana's Experience," published in 2010, is instructive. Through a comparative examination of the various monetary policy and financial sector regimes, it demonstrates the breadth of his expertise of Ghana's economic difficulties. It contains his vision for the structural restructuring of our economy and the economies of other emerging countries, particularly Africa.

There is no modern economy on the planet that has reached its pinnacle without formalizing its economy through digitization. Dr. Bawumia's vision to formalize our economy is one that will bring about practical change in our economy. We can't plan for our people if we don't have data. For example, we cannot effectively combat unemployment if we do not have accurate data on the extent of unemployment. The same may be stated for other social issues such as urban and rural planning, housing, security, healthcare, education, and so on. His vision for Ghana is strategic, and it will propel us to the next phase of our transformational agenda.


Dr. Bawumia has an impeccable integrity. He brings a pristine and unsoiled personal character to the table, which is essential at this critical juncture. He has demonstrated this quality in both his public and private life thus far. Despite his opponents' slander and propaganda against him, he maintains a high reputation because of his strong persona and the Ghanaian people's goodwill. He is a leader that can be trusted with the destiny of our nation.


It is imperative for Dr. Bawumia to strike whilst the iron is hot. There is an organic movement forming across our country pushing for him to lace up his boots and lead the NPP, and then our country, as President. History is about to be recorded with Dr. Bawumia, a man hailed by President Kufuor, as a gift unto this nation.

By: Chief Obosu Mohammed

(DPA, LL. B, LL.M, MCIArb)

Saltpond, Central region.