Bawumia lied about new 15 million Bank accounts- NDC

The minority in Parliament says claims by Vice President, Dr Bawumia that 15 million Ghanaians now have bank accounts as a result of the mobile money interoperability platform put in place by government can't be true.

At a function to address the youth wing of the NPP on the occasion of international youth day, the Vice President touted government's digitization agenda claiming it has led to some 15 million people having bank accounts.

But speaking to the Parliamentary Press Corp, member of the Communications Committee of Parliament, Sam George says the claim is not based on data.

According to him, the interoperability platform long existed before Dr Bawumia became Vice President and what was introduced by the NPP government was just an addition to the existing platform.

He questioned the basis for arriving at the conclusion that 15 million people have bank accounts when a person can have two separate accounts.