Armed robbers are collapsing our business – Asante Akyem Agogo tomato sellers

Traders in Agogo Presbyterian School Park at Asante Akyem North District are appealing to authorities to provide them with armed police to fight alarming rate of armed robbery and petty stealing.

The traders lament, the activities of these armed robbers is having a negative effect on their tomato business as customers no longer feel safe to transact business with them in the market.

They observed, armed robbers have been terrorizing them and their customers at the Park anytime they set-up for business because the darkness of Agogo Presbyterian School Park has become a big attraction to criminals who attack and rob people of their money.

Speaking to Adanse3 FM’s, reporter, Adutwumwaa Ntonsuo, one of the traders Madam Yaa asantewaa said “armed robbers have been terrorizing us every day, they rob us of our money and because of that our customers from other neighboring towns have stopped doing business with us for fear of being robbed.” “We are appealing to the District Police Commander, to send some police men to patrol this place so we can have our freedom” they added.

According to the traders, the robbery activities is gradually collapsing their business.

They also appealed to the District Assembly to speed up work on the street lighting project it has started in the area to help reduce the crime surge.


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