APCE Demonstration "A" Old students donate to Alma mater

Old students of Agogo Presbyterian Training College (APTC) Demonstration "A" Junior Secondary School, now Agogo Presbyterian College of Education (APCE) Demonstration A batch of 1998 donates to the school.

Agogo Presbyterian College of Education Demonstration "A" has  produced heroes and heroines, MPs, Doctors, nurses and many important dignitaries across the globe. The school today received sets of computers, a projector and a canon printer  from the 1998 old students batch.

The group was by Emmanuel Ebenezer Asadu Ohene Dwiraa,  former headmaster of the school. The items were received by the current  headmaster, Mr Agyapong Antwi, on behalf of the staff and students. 

The group's chairperson, Mrs. Hannah Afara Ofori Amponsah, (a UK based) in her speech said, their alma matter lacks a lot of developments to facilitate effective teaching and learning, hence, necessitated this kind gesture. She continue that as far as she remains the.chair of the year group, this donation  would not be the first and the last. The 1998 year group would continue to mobilize and donate to the school. She pleaded with school authority to put the items donated into effective and efficient use. She advised the teachers and staff to avoid excessive canning of the students as it mounts fear in them and sometimes makes them feel unhappy.

She advised parents to consult teachers about the problems confronting their wards and be open to them. The parents should provide their wards with educational materials to aid their students perform at their best.

The headmaster of the school on behalf of the school, Mr Agyapong Antwi, expressed his profound gratitude to the old students and pledged to put the items into proper use. He stated that the projector would be very helpful to the students because it will help in the teaching and learning of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The headmaster pleaded with the other batches of old students' groups, government and stakeholders to come to the school's aid in terms of the infrastructure.