Agogo State College whitewashed by OWASS in NSMQ One-eighth stage

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Day One of the National Science & Maths Quiz saw a contest between, Agogo State College, Opoku Ware School and Zabzugu SHS.

Agogo State College has made it to this year’s NSMQ One-eighth stage after being disqualified last year for fielding an unqualified contestant in the region’s qualifiers.

Last year would have marked their return to the national championship after sitting on the sidelines for three years.

In round one of today’s contest, Agogo State College led the contest with 23 points followed by Opoku Ware School with 19 and Zabzugu SHS with 4.

In the final round of the contest, Agogo State College missed the last riddle that would have won them the GOIL Riddle Bonanza worth GHC800.  They put up a challenging competition for Opoku Ware School but it was not enough to secure a sure-fire qualification to the quater finlas .

Opoku Ware School impressively secured their qualification with 46 points at the end of Contest One and they stands the chance of winning the Airtel-Tigo Highest Scorer of the Day worth Ghc1000.

Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

Opoku Ware School: 23pts

Agogo State College: 19pts

Zabzugu SHS: 4pts

Round Two – The Speed race

Agogo State College: 20pts

Opoku Ware School: 17pts

Zabzugu SHS: 3pts

Round Three – Problem of the Day

Opoku Ware School: 27pts

Agogo State College: 25pts

Zabzugu SHS: 7pts

Round Four – True or False

Opoku Ware School: 40pts

Agogo State College: 35pts

Zabzugu SHS: 17pts

Round Five – Riddles

Opoku Ware School: 46pts

Agogo State College: 38pts

Zabzugu SHS: 17pts