Radio has three basic principle on which it's built, thus Educate,Entertain and Inform to make impact on society and humanity.

Based on this core mandates, Adanseɛ FM's morning show, ABRABƆ MU NSƐM, a non political morning show that seeks to tackle the daily live issues and happenings of its listeners has seen a tremendous performance and thus achieved results on it.

The Program show has reunited a young Lady and her family after years of losing contact.

28 year old Habiba Mohammed who has suffered domestic violence from a boyfriend she has been living with for for 3 years, came to Adanseɛ FM to seek for assistance and advice to stop the abuse.

After narrating her story to the Abrabɔ Mu Nsem crew which involved disrespecting her mother's advice not be in a relationship with her then boyfriend with who she has a child with now, she was told the need to return to her biological mother for forgiveness and a possible reunion.

Upon reaching out to her mother, she expressed worries about the long disappearance of her daughter and how it affected her. Habiba's mother stated that her daughter left home without her notice and anytime she calls, someone pick-ups and raises insults on her.

Habiba is the last born of her paremts and the only woman amongst six other siblings.

Nana Atta Adomako, Agogomanhene Nkonwahwefuo hene and Ohemaa Ataa Serwaa (Sompahemaa) led the Abrabo Mu Nsem crew to Kumasi, Aboabo No1 to plead with Habiba's mother and seek for a mother and child reunion.

Upon reaching there, it was tears of joy for both mother and child as they reunite again after 3years. Nana Atta Adomako and Ohemaa Ataa Serwaa (Sompahemaa)on behalf of Habiba apologise to the mother and the entire family.

Nana Atta Adomako, basing on the biblical prodigal son parable narrated how "the rich man's son coming back to his father's house after realising he was wrong, was accepted and a feast was organized for him" and asked the family to accept Hibaba and draw her closer and support her no matter what has happened because whatever that happened has been a life Lessing for Habiba and has learnt from it.

The mother of Habiba, Salima Asumah recounting how her daughter Habiba helped her on her dying bed at KATH. With Nananom from the Agogo Traditional Council, she accepted and forgave her daughter and ruin blessings on her life. A sad  Salima indicated that because it has been many years of not hearing from her daughter (Habiba), she taught she had died and donated her clothes to the needy.

Salima Asumah thanked Nanamom,  the crew of Abrabo Mu Nsem and the management of Adanseɛ FM for bringing her daughter back to her again and alive.

Finally, Habiba's Anuty Rukaya who is popularly known as Azumi expressed her joy upon seeing her prodigal daughter, she indicated that Habiba lived with her in absence of her mother. "I asked God to grant her peace and good moral behaviour as she returns home and assists her mother because she is now weak".

Rukaya also took the opportunity to thank Adanseɛ FM for bringing their lost daughter home and asked God to extend the boundaries of the station. Habiba Mohammed the prodigal daughter expressed her joy after seeing her mother and relatives for so many years.

She affirmed the warm welcome given to her by her mother and relatives and thanked Adanseɛ FM for their massive support and contributions in her life. She promised to be of a good behavior in order to live in peace with her family.


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