3 burnt beyond recognition in ghastly Car crash in Kumasi

Three people have died in a freak road accident at Anloga Junction, a suburb of Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital, reports say. A motorised tricycle, with three occupants, burst into flames after colliding with a trailer – killing all the occupants of the motorised tricycle. Eyewitness said the loaded trailer bumped into the motorised tricycle because its breaks had failed. The motorised tricycle, according to the eyewitness, burst into flames shortly after it was dragged on the road by the trailer. “We were standing around the junction when we noticed two people who got down from a bus and entered into the tricycle. The tricycle driver used a one-way road and crashed into a trailer that was coming in the opposite direction with a failed brake. The trailer dragged the tricycle close to where I stood and upon reaching there, the tricycle got engulfed in flames. “When the trailer driver realised the tricycle was in flames he reversed the car and got down with his mate. The car has now been towed from the scene and the burnt bodies have also been handed to an ambulance by the police. The fire service car arrived after the bodies had been burnt beyond recognition,” Citi News quoted the eyewitness in a report on Thursday, November 5, 2020.