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2020 election petition judgement prediction, Lawyer Atuaheng explained

Following the unanimous decision to abrogate or dismiss all the seven applications filed by the petitioners in the ongoing 2020 election petition hearing at the Constitutional court of Ghana, many Ghanaians have raised questions as to why none of the Justices of the Apex Court decent on any of the applications or motion filed by the petitioners but all ruled in favour of the defendants.

This has raised an eyebrow and majority of masses following the election petition hearing perceive that the outcome of 2020 election petition won't go in favour of the petitioners.

But Kwame Koduah Atuahene Esq. has an opposing view. Lawyer Atuahene, speaking on Adanse3 FM's Saturday morning political talk show dubbed "Moment of truth", said that it is very unfortunate for Ghanaians to have this perception, because the seven judges presiding over the 2020 election petition hearing are not bias against the petitioner, H. E. John Dramani Mahama but are interpreting the laws rightly.

He continued that it is very disheartening for Ghanaians especially some of his learned colleagues to settle on this fallacy. According to him, the court or the judges are very experienced and have exercised the interpretation of the law for many years and in divers ways. In the petition hearing, these Judges have made references to Ghana's first election petition hearing in 2012 (supervised by Justice Atuguba) and many others in Ghana and in other countries to make their judgements. Also, they have unanimously ruled in favour of the petitioner.

However, Lawyer Atuahene said, "Generally, judgments can be predicted on the basis of our practice of judicial precedent, where judges often rely on the outcome of previous decisions that are similar."

He affirmed that the Justices interpret the laws as to why they are a motion is being dismissed or sustained before by explaining and citing many precedences to the general public; the supreme court is a court of facts and evidences and not emotions.

Lawyer Atuahene concluded that the court is doing the exact job entrusted in them, therefore, he believes in the end, things will fall in their place and both parties would be satisfied without having grudges because supreme court works according to the constitution and the law.

He admonished Ghanaians to exercise patience on this case and wait for the court to decide, since the trial is almost coming to a close.



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