110 MPs not returning to Parliament

A total number of 110 MPs won’t be returning to Parliament from 7th January 2021.

A political hurricane of incredible magnitude swept through the parliamentary polls when some Members of Parliament (MPs) from both sides of the House tumbled.

At least, 18 incumbent NDC MPs have lost their seats. That is aside the 10 NDC MPs who lost their primaries last year, and 7 NDC MPs who are retiring. That means 35 current NDC MPs out of the 106 are not returning to parliament

Also 95 incumbent NPP MPs are also not returning to parliament. So in total, at least 130 out of the 275 current MPs are not returning to parliament from 7th January 2021.

For the big shots that fell, and their political parties, they might be undergoing some quiet introspection to establish what went wrong.

The voting pattern has indicated what has come to be known in political parlance as “skirt and blouse” .


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